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Friday, May 01, 2015

Yamaha’s much-awaited launch finally took place in the recent days with the YBR125 now available with the dealers, though still in limited numbers. We, at PBC, decided to visit a dealership and have some idea of the bike, to see if the bike is worth all that. It has been good three years since we first heard about Yamaha’s investment in organizing a motorcycle plant at Karachi.
The first bike launched, as we already know, is YBR125. Although three years ago Yamaha told us that the upcoming models would be 125cc and above equipped with modern technology and powered by EFI engines, Yamaha quite has not fulfilled the whole promise and the YBR125 comes with carburetor to ignite the single cylinder 125cc air cooled engine. Available colours are Red, Blue and Grey and all of them suit the personality of the bike.
The very first look of the bike is quite catchy and we were like wow, this is something good. Overall build quality is pretty good. Especially we liked the fully enclosed plastic chain cover which is by far the most distinguished feature of this bike compared to other local brands. We have seen how chain covers easily get rusted and mar the looks of an otherwise clean bike, well that won’t be a problem in case of this bike.
On our query the dealer told us that everything on the bike is Japanese except the tyres, which are of Servis brand, thus made in Pakistan, but we have sincere doubts that the rest of the parts are all made in Japan. This is primarily because although the bike has a pretty impressive overall finish but a careful observation made us doubt that at least engine head, fuel key, self-starter and the handle grips are locally manufactured.
YBR’s wheels add to its beauty and will give the riders a smooth ride. Stock tyres are by Servis. Riders are advised to change the rear tyre as it may lose road grip in wet road conditions and muddy track because of the typical tread design which is good for dry on road use only. We have written to Yamaha authorities as well in this regard, but till the time Yamaha takes action we need to be cautious on our part. The good thing about the rims is, as informed by the dealer, the stock tyres can be used as tubeless tyres on this bike, which is a good news for long way riders.
Bike feels light weight and suspensions are soft too, that coupled with a soft seat will ensure a comfortable journey. Front brake is single calliper disk brake while the rear one is drum.
Before the launch of the bike there has been a lot of concern about the bike’s sound. And although it may be of great disappointment to many that the sound is quite humble and meek, I do not find it as of any negative trait as the bike is Euro standard and is not supposed to be noisy. Sound somewhat resembles to that of Piaggio but Piaggio’s sound is still louder, there you go..
Just as we were viewing the bike a brand new Piaggio was also available there and although YBR excels Piaggio in a number of ways, we noticed at least two parts that YBR should have borrowed from Piaggio; clip on handle bars and foot rests. YBR comes with regular handle bar and footrests don’t give the made in Japan impression at all, Piaggio has got them better.
YBR’s headlight is pretty stylish to look at, the performance and throw, however, we are not sure about yet. Obviously we didn’t get the chance to ride the bike else we would be able to share something about the riding experience as well but to sum it up, YBR is not just another bike in the market.

Rs.129400/- is the price of the bike as announced by the company. However, the dealers are selling it at much higher prices taking advantage of the low supply and high demand situation. Riders are advised to wait instead of buying on ON price.

Ride safe!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A couple of friends made the plan to visit Soun valley before the weather got too harsh for a bike trip. The plan was to visit as much of the valley as possible in one day with overnight stay at Noshehra. This was my best trip to the Soun valley where we visited all three lakes, had the adventure of off-road riding, took beautiful snaps to end the trip after visiting Kanhatti garden. Of all, Khabeki lake presented the most beautiful view where we had the opportunity to capture sunset with overcast sky, ideal for any lover of photography.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Saturday, March 07, 2015

So I am getting more and more interested in motorcycle photography. Last Sunday we had overcast sky at Lahore, a great opportunity for capturing cool pics. Soon after the rain stopped I was armed with my camera, on to the bike and off I rode.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

My pic got third place. The black GS500. Not bad!

Friday, February 06, 2015

OF all the evils that befell this nation since its independence terrorism has been the worst affecting people from all walks of life. There never has been eternal peace nor will it ever be but the evil of terrorism seconds none. Terrorists have no religion, nor do they have any respect for humanity and the December 16th, 2014 massacre of Peshawar speaks volume of the ruthlessness of terrorists who attacked the harmless innocents souls. It was an incident that caused restlessness among the whole nation and for the first time political leaders from government and the opposition alike demanded for strict action against the cancer of terrorism and efforts started to create general awareness in this regard because war against terrorism is everyone’s war and it is the duty of every individual to report any suspicious person or activity around him. It was with the ideal of promoting this spirit for fighting against terrorism and voice our hatred for the terrorist that on December 20, 2014 Pakistan Bikers Club planned a motorcycle rally from Barkat Market to the Liberty Roundabout, Lahore.

I feel great pain in mentioning that despite our general invitation to all for joining the rally and show our hatred for the terrorists only a few bikers turned out. Regardless of whether many avoided in fear of the terrorists or for any other reason, it was a must join rally for anyone who had a soul and a beating heart. Nevertheless, we moved for the Liberty Roundabout where citizens in general had already gathered on their own chanting slogans against the terrorists, with the media giving coverage to the protest. At Pakistan Bikers Club we have been organizing rallies to promote the idea of safe motorcycle riding but this particular rally was one of its kind and highly appreciated by those who witnessed. War against terrorism is not for the government alone to fight, it is everyone’s fight where every individual has a role to play regardless of his creed. United we fight!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

If only every window could give such a view! A look from these magic windows make you forget the worldly worries for a moment, a deep breath, a look through the view window and a little press on the shutter button and you capture the moment forever..