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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Decaying glory

THE historic buildings, as we see them today, are the relics of antiquity. These mementos of the past, buildings and monuments, remind us of the culture and heritage which has evolved into what we see today. Whereas the historic buildings stand as a symbol the rich architecture of the past; they also enunciate the diversity of human mind when we compare it to the architecture of the present day.
Pakistan has a rich heritage and where there are historic buildings that are in good shape and are well cared of; there are also buildings that are merely vestiges of their glory. Among such vestiges are the remains of Kattas Fort.
Situated only a few miles away from the Kallar Kahar valley, the Kattas Fort is surrounded by mountains resounding the tale of indifference that it has been a victim of and the misfortune that befell it. Authorities haven't bothered to pay attention to the decaying condition of the fort. According to a local man the fort was in a much better condition a few decades ago when people from surrounding areas started digging the floors and destroyed the walls in the hope of finding some treasure_ though all in vain. The condition of the fort is getting worse gradually. There is no fortification wall, no entrance gate and you don't even have to buy a ticket to enter the fort. The worst that could have happened is that the main road from Kallar Kahar to Choa'saidan Shah bisects the two portions of the fort. It is beyond understanding why the archaeology department has neglected this place completely.