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Sunday, November 26, 2006


DURING the British regime over the sub-continent when the Muslims demanded a free piece of land, one of the motifs was to form an Islamic state where the Muslims could freely practice the religious teachings. Pakistan was formed on the name of Islam and the very slogan, “Pakistan ka matlab kya la ilaha ilallah” has been a testament of it. After Musharraf’s coup d’etat, not only this slogan has changed into “Pakistan First” but also we are forced into thinking if we are free to practice the religion any more. On November 20; when Tony Blair was to visit the Shah Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, the security took over the charge, confiscated the loud-speakers and evacuated the mosque. It was after strong protest that the Imam sahib was finally able to deliver the Azan for Asar prayers but without the loud-speakers. Thus when Tony Blair arrived there the mosque was all set to give a secluded look. For a nation that calls itself the flag bearer of Islam, it is time to think.
The Nation December 7, 2006