Sunday, October 28, 2007

A ride to a Historical place in Amb Sharif: Tombs of Amb Sharif

So its like I am getting more and more interested in riding, and especially riding to the historical places around my city. This time the destination was a place called Amb Sharif in District Khushab, about 65km away from my city.
These pics are not copyrighted, you are welcome to download them. However, I would appreciate if you posted a comment about any pic you downloaded.

We were two of us on my 125 for the ride and enjoyed every moment of it. The off-road part, the water was salty, very bitter. Salt mines of Warcha are quite near from here:
We started at about 8 in the morning, toward West of Joharabad is the city Quaidabad, from there we had to go toward North for Amb Sharif, part of jounrney from Quaidabad to Am Sharif is off-road, but great fun.

About to reach our destination. A pic from some destroyed building:
And finally the historical place. As the situation is, no one is very sure about the history of this place. It is uncertain whether the remains are from the Buddhist era or those of the Hinduism. Anyways, if anyone has any information, you are more than welcome to share it.
There were only these two buildings remaining there. The rest has been destroyed. This is the bigger one:

And the smaller one that is in its original condition, a beautiful description of the brilliant architecture of that time:

Some more pics we took there:

Notice the detail of the artistic work:

People have dug gold made stuff from here and sold it illegally, here is a proof from many of the pits we saw there:

The bigger temple:

The stairs leading to the temple, typical of the times of antiquity..

The bigger temple is not in 100% original condition. Notice the two big pillars in front. They have been made to protect the already destroyed building. The good thing is that the stone has been used that matches the original stone as used in its construction:

The bigger temple has stairs in that that take you to the first and second floor. Of course we were going up now. It was pretty dark in there:

The stairs leading to the top:

A view from the top:

Amazing craftsmanship:

Thats when I took some nice pics of the Kid

Next we explored a bit more and found some more ruins, a pic from there:

From this place we noticed some more stairs, partly destroyed:

Some of the walls still remain here and a look at them gives the reason why. Every piece of rock is placed with small individual pieces of flat rocks and some cement like material was filled to build it:

A view from this height, see if you can find my bike in this pic..

Going down from here I saw this outer skin of a snake, hardly saved myself from falling as the path was very difficult.

The journey back was equally exciting.

Notice the mountain in the background. This is the doing of the salt, it was like the salt was eating it up:

This is the look of my table after this particular ride. From left to right. The first rock is the one of which is used in the construction of the temple, the second one a small piece of the red rock as in the pics above where the salt has played its magic. The third one is Gipsum. The fourth one is salt.


Aadil said...

Nice photos and quite an informative post....liked it to the core!

Basit said...

I have no words how much I liked those pics. Ok, brilliant, they are so great.

MK said...

Beautiful beautiful log man.

Anonymous said...

such a good place........
good pics...........
i realy liked these pics and place coz this is may village and i love my village amb sharif
nasir zakki

waris awan said...

i apreciate such kind of sincere effort to bring to light such hidden and ignored historical sight of soon valley distt detailed research study is the urgent need of time to save history of this area.govt of punjab and distt govt khusb should take prompt action for the safty of this precious historical assests.

mudassir amir said...

i m in saudi arabia now and watching these pics. Amb sharif is my village and i love it. Frankly speaking a heaven on this earhth for me. Thnx for ur interest in this part of pakistan. Miss u AMB SHARIF.......

Shafeeq Awan said...

You have covered good information but you have missed many brilliant places over have missed to capture all the beatiful swallets over there.
Shafeeq Awan

Sniper said...

Mr. Shafiq Awan

Thanks for the appreciation friend. Yes I might have missed several swallets, but on our track we did not see any. We even asked a local there if there was any other beautiful place around but he said that there was no road after Mahorian for bikes so we had to return..


zulqarnain muzaffar said...

m zulqarnain tiwana from quaidabad ,cntct me if u cn 03424422091

Sniper said...

Dear Zulqarnain Tiwana, what do you want to ask?


Sniper said...

Dear Zulqarnain, if you have anything important to ask, please send an email on



atif ali said...

does the salt range not like destructed place of 'qaum e lut', that place has dead sea which has almost 97% salt, may be this place would also have dead sea with rocks of salt and the water of dead sea would have evaporated.

atif ali said...

just as qaum e Ad was destroyed and its remains are in the form of pyramids, these high rise temples can also be one of the abolished nations remains from allah.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful article
Can you mention exact route and time from Krishna
Dr. Shahid Iqbal

Talal Hussain Malik said...

Dear Dr. Shahid
I have not heard the name of any place called Krishna around the Amb city. Our route was from Khushab, via Quaidabad and Warchha to reach the ruins of Amb.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for such wonderful documentation
. Beautiful pictures..lots of love