Friday, September 19, 2014

The Killer Lake

There falls a lake on Sargodha-Khushab road better known as "Khooni Jheel" or Killer Lake. The story goes that in the year 1955 during flood days a truck carrying children fell in the lake killing everyone on board. Since then several accidents have occurred on the site mostly fatal. Anything that falls in the lake vanishes forever as the lake is deep beyond imagination. After a series of accidents involving people's death people started calling it Khooni Jheel or killer lake. A few yeras earlier when Sargodha-Khushab road was rebuilt, highway department put a board near the lake with the name Khooni Jheel. However, soon the name was changed to Khushab Lake, perhaps they thought the old name was ominous.
Coming to the newly built Sargodha-Khushab road, it has made the journey comfortable, faster and dangerous thanks to the insane speedsters who take it for a Formula One race track. I believe that most (if not all) of the fatal accidents at the Killer Lake site were a result of fast and reckless driving or on account of carelessness. The point is, can the change of name control the insanely fast traffic of the Sargodha-Khushab Road? If not, then what's in a name?

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