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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lahore Bleeds Again!!

We have left behind the year 2007. However, the lawyers’ struggle for restoration of the sacked judges and independent judiciary; the inflation, the suicide attacks and our man on top have made their way into the years 2008. Would I be wrong to say that if we could get rid of one of these evils i.e., the last one, we could possibly get rid of the other three problems?
Tuesday, March 11, 2008 two more suicide attacks ruined the day for those who have a heart that feels. Once again our man on top stepped forward with the cliché that the miscreants would strictly be dealt with and once again we’ve been told that security is ‘yet again’ on high alert across the country. If you could see the footage of how the FIA building was attacked after crushing one of the security guards as the terrorist entered the premises after hitting the entrance gate, you would question if the government can take fool-proof security measures to stamp out the suicide bombers.
Late Mard-e-Momin Mard-e-Huq is remembered till day for the gifts he left for the generation to come in the form of drugs, heroin and Kalashnikov. If the history repeats, the future generations would hear the name of the champion of true democracy i.e., our well moderate and well enlightened president. The bloodbath that the nation has had would take some time to dry out. Waiting for the winter of despair to end, let’s see what this spring holds for us!

Also contributed at The Pakistani Spectator



It's really deplorable. This is the reaction of a dictator's policies and enemies of Pakistan are using those reactionaries.
But I have a hope that next govt will get rid of the Dictator and things will be better Insha Allah. Let's pray for the unity of the two parties (PML (N) and PPP) and to do the best for the country.

Well done Lawyers, well done Nawaz Sharif, well done Zardari