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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kashmir Wins Freedom

I wonder why many of us Pakistanis show so much love for the Indians, we’ve done that so many times, haven’t we? I remember the hilarious treatment that our girls gave to Daler Singh, the Indian singer back few years.
The release of Kashmir Singh is one example. On the day of his release our media was covering it like it was the occupied Kashmir that had finally won its freedom. Duh, it was only an Indain spy who won it. Surprisingly, it were only few of his relatives who welcomed him from the other side of the border.
We should also consider the fate that our own people meet in other countries if something goes wrong. An uncle of mine has served with the Navy aviation. Once on his return from Romania after a training visit he was told by the authorities that he had to take along the illegal Pakistani immigrants back to Pakistan. On his query, he was taken to a big container where they were ’stored’. On his assurance they were taken out of the container and let travel home as normal human beings. Back home and they were arrested by the Pakistani authorities. Time to think!