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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Books Piracy In Pakistan

The other day I was reading a book ‘Conveyancing and Pleadings’. The book has been written to provide guidance to the law students and the lawyers alike as to writing of different suits and pleadings. When I read a plaint on the suit for Pre-emption I found out that it had been written according to the old Pre-Emption law that is no more in practice, interestingly the book was published in 2006. Now when I consulted an old edition of the same book published by a different author, some 80s edition, I found that the Pre-emption plaint in this book was the same as in the 2006 edition, and not just that every word, punctuation and even the name of parties to the suit was identical in both the books. Baffled? Just to let you know, the 2006 edition has been written by an advocate of the Supreme Court. But this isn’t it; a detailed reading of both the books reveals that every single plaint and written statement is identical. To end with, none of the two books is original rather both are a copy of a book by an Indian author on the subject. What a way to copy!

Also contributed at The Pakistani Spectator