Sunday, May 13, 2007

May12 Violence

May 12, 2007 was one of those worst days seen by this country begotten on the name of Islam with a motto of ‘Faith, Unity, and Discipline” as enunciated by Quaid-e-Azam. It was the day which further strengthened the fact that the present government under General Musharraf has miserably failed to maintain law and order in the country. It makes one think why MQM and Musharraf selected the same day for holding their rallies when the Chief Justice was to visit Karachi.
The so-called solidarity rally conducted under the patronage of the government in Islamabad is completely unjustified. Nowhere in the world do governments hold rallies to win the sympathies of the people rather they act in the positive way in order to do that, however, it is the other way round in our country. On the other hand, it is quite ironic to note that General Musharraf and his allies addressed the ‘comrades’ from behind the bullet proof glass. Popular leaders need no security; they mix up with the common lot to feel one with them instead of addressing them from a thirty feet high stage.
The riots had Karachi out of control and even the Chief Justice had to return from the air port against the schedule. Amazing if the miscreants should remain unidentified and go unpunished even after the violence being captured on tape. By the way, who is responsible for the lives of those who fell victim to the Karachi violence? After every tragic incident the government comes forward with a statement that security has been tightened, makes me wonder what might have happened if the government had not tightened the security.
In the recent past, General Musharraf said that he would quit if he felt that the people of the country no longer need him. If the current chaotic situation cannot move General Musharraf to resign from his office, God help us.

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yes may Allah help us