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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What if...

With reference to Mr. Z. Israr’s letter of the above caption (May02, 2007) where he terms Imran Khan as a trouble creator and says, “If, God forbid, he comes into power he will inherit a bad economy that has been disrupted by ambitious leaders like him. Imran has no experience of public office so he does not realize the difficulties of governing.”
May I ask Mr. Israr if he considers General Musharraf to be a good head of the state? In my view, we should not judge Imran to the touchstone of his not holding any public office previously. I believe that the era of Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto as PMs was much better than that of General Musharraf, even though General Musharraf still holds the office of the Chief of the Army Staff.
I hold the view that Mr. Israr has been biased in his evaluation of Imran Khan. As far as his offering the solution to Pakistan’s cricket is concerned, as Mr. Israr mentioned in his letter, Imran has suggested time and again that Pakistan should adopt aggressive approach instead of being defensive.