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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Needless Riots

The defeat in the 1971 war, we can never forget it. One feels such a shame to read it in the history books even now. But it was our enemy that made us feel denigrated then. If we have a look at what is happening today, it would make us all the more ashamed of ourselves. The so called protests against the blasphemy carried out by the European newspapers under the label of “freedom of expression” are only a harm to ourselves. These riots have done a lot to defame the country. I don’t understand why the protesting mob should destroy their own home and property. Do they realize the reason of these protests at all? It is the blasphemous caricatures that we are protesting against, so why should we burn our own buildings and vehicles of our own people? Don’t those who suffered loss in these protest have the same feelings as all the other Muslims? Peaceful protests and complete boycott of the Danish products in particular and the European products in general would have us better results than we could ever expect out of these riots.
The purpose of the protests should have been to show our love and respect for the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and hatred for the blasphemous caricatures and show the world how united we are when it comes to religion, but alas we are doing quite the opposite. It also brings to my mind a proverb, “Nothing destroys iron like its own rust.” There would hardly be anything more to make me feel ashamed of being a Pakistani other than these protests. It is needless to say that there is a foreign hand behind these protests when those protesting are from among us.

Readers Column, The Nation