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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Amb Sharif History Revealed

I visited this historical place a few months back. No one is sure about the definite history of these buildings. You can view the pics and ride story HERE. Well, a person from Norway saw these pics somewhere and sent me an email, the text of which is below:

I saw your pics from the Amb ruins, amazing.
I`m from Gunjial or i would say, my parents are from Gunjial. You surely know that place if you are from Joharabad.

Last time i was in Pak i visited also those ruins and after coming back to Norway, i contacted the archeological institute in Oslo.
I brought some samples from the rock or stone used in those tombs and i also found some shells burried under the mud and ofcourse some pictures.
They concluded that these tombs were only a part of a big complex. And these must be between 2000-2500 years old. they are neither buddhist or hindu religious sites. But maybe could be from the time of zoroastrian influence in the region. This complex could be from the time of Achaemenian Empire. 522 B.C.486 B.C
One theory is that this city or complex were destroyed by Alexander the great when he was on march against Jehlum.
By the way i also noticed that people had digged holes in that area. Some people there told us that people regulary come there for digging and this crime is backed by a local politician or some kind of local wadera of the area named Mian Muneer. Some europeans have also been seen there. they digged beside the road.
If it`s true that these tombs are remainents from Achaemeninan Empire, then they would be one of very very few sites in the world and can put Pakistan on the top of archeological sensations.
I saw that you were advocate or something, then you have a kind of responsibility and you probably know how to handle a such case for protecting and highlighting such a place and it`s importance and further research.
Best regards,
Malik Zeeshan Abdullah.