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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Black Coats Under Threat

Black Coats Under Threat
The situation is getting worse every day; everything is topsy turvy since our President in uniform declared emergency. Electronic media is facing restrictions and lawyers and journalists are facing music as they are being arrested every day. I escaped my own arrest today, lucky for me. Today afternoon, I along with two fellow lawyers was at a friend’s place whose name was in the wanted list when a cop vehicle stopped at his house. They rang the bell and the friend’s nephew said that his uncle (our friend) was out of home. They remained outside for some time and no sooner we got a chance to flee, we were gone.
Unfortunately, my bike’s number has been noted by two cops on bikes this morning and it is possible that I might vanish all of a sudden like many others if my name finds a place in the list of the damned. So far some eighteen lawyers have been arrested from our district. How many more…no one knows that.
Contributed at The Pakistani Spectator


Liaqat said...

I, belong to Soon Valley and living in Athens(Greece)and have witness Greece sclupture many time which are almost 500 BC and more.

The old inherritence of Greece are still exists because the Government and society protect them. Whereas our Government may be not still aware the importance of AMBH SHARIF, these tamples must be protected.

I have also informed by some one during my last visit to Pakistan that some people are selling some sclupture/idle near village Talagang etc etc.

Happening of such thing are not good for inherritance, our Government must take part to protect these places before its clappased.