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Thursday, November 08, 2007

10 Greatest Lies of Today

1. The election will be free and fair.
2. I have introduced true democracy in Pakistan: General Musharraf.
3. The state of emergency has paved way to attaining true democracy in the country.
4. The state of emergency will help control the rising prices of different items.
5. Emergency was declared taking into consideration only the peace situation in the country.
6. Declaration of emergency is our internal matter; we shall not tolerate foreign interference on it: Government.
7. Pakistan has made remarkable progress under my government and we are at a better footing today than we were ten years from now: General Musharraf.
8. The economy of the country has had a boost; rise in commodity prices is an offshoot of inflation which further means that we are making progress. The economics expert: Shaukat Aziz.
9. The government has always acted in the best interest of nation.
10. The government has promoted freedom of expression and thought, ban on media is only to control the unrest that it has created.

Contributed at The Pakistani Spectator