About us

In the quest of life, is it "Nothing ventured nothing gained, or nothing ventured nothing lost" I'd venture to find. I am an off and on writer (Perhaps), an off and on artist without any background education on art (I think), and a life long bike maniac, always looking to know more and more on bikes. If I were left with the only choice, bikes would be my ultimate passion. I have been on the road; sometimes straight, sometimes twisty, going smooth, doing wheelies, and some stoppies. I have been off the road too, but then getting back on. I have been on the top, I have been on the surface, and I have ventured the depths always getting a lot to know. I have been fascinated by the mountains with their ever running springs, I have loved the vast grounds for their soil, the deep seas for their treasure, and I have been deeply fascinated by the desert where the dunes are changed by the wind but the desert itself has never changed and I have always found a mysterious attraction in the nothingness of desert. And I have been the same all my life. That being said, now you know that I am just another man!

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