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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Classification of Human Beings

I would classify human beings into four categories. The first kind is of the people who see, hear and speak. People that fall under second category see and hear but they don’t speak, though they are not dumb. The people of third kind see and speak but they don’t hear, though they are not deaf. The people of fourth kind hear and speak but they don’t see, though they are not blind.
The people belonging to the first category are not many in number. One finds that they are logical and rational in their dealings. People of this kind deserve to be valued. The people belonging to second category are also few in number. They don’t speak because they are not heard. Often, if they do speak, their view is given least importance, considering it worthless. Approach of these people is rational most of the time. But since they are labelled as irrational, so they remain silent observer.
Majority of people around us belong to the third and fourth category. What is significant about them is that they are often biased or illogical in their dealings. However, they are still valued by most. People that fall under the third category believe that they are always right. They don’t agree with the person who contradicts them, even when at fault. Therefore, they don’t hear what others have to say. Mostly these are people with some kind of authority.
The people of fourth category are, I would say, ‘trouble creators’ in the real sense of the term. They don’t analyse things and simply jump to conclusions. They can be easily led away, so they must be extremely cautious in their public dealings. They should always follow the maxim, “Think before you speak.”
There even may be a fifth category; the people who share the traits of all the four major categories as mentioned above. Now, since I think I can be placed in the second category, perhaps you will not agree with my classification of human beings.
Composed May 10, 2004