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Sunday, June 19, 2005


Life is the most prominent of the qualities that distinguish a vital being from an inanimate matter. It is an inestimable blessing, its value is much more than we can imagine. Life is beautiful like a rose but to enjoy its fragrance,one needs to be extremely cautious of the thorns that accompany it. Life is benign only to those who enjoy it in all circumstances.

Our life is full of improbabilities. Life is, in fact, what happens to us while we are busy making other plans. It may take a sudden turn and lead us toward an end that we may never have imagined. Life is a mystery; it is a labyrinth, a maze in which we may take a wrong turning before we have learnt to walk. It is like a deep forest__ if lost it may become too difficult for us to trace our way back. Life is something serious, something that requires our attention. It is like a tragi-comedy where we may experience the ups and downs of life__ now happy and at another moment gloomy, this process continues till we reach our end. Its end will be peaceful only if our past is unblemished. What life requires from us is constant struggle, our journey towards the zenith maybe slow but if this journey is steady then we are bound to enjoy its fruit through eternity.
In life, sometimes, it is not the big things but the little things that can be of more value. Often in our pursuit of some great happiness we neglect little happy moments of our life; the moments that can mean enough; the moments that carry the real smack of life.
In short, to enjoy life to its full, it is an essential requirement to have a complete perception of what life actually is. Life is just like a chameleon, changing its colour too often. It demands serious consideration on our part to understand it. It is an art that we should develop; an adventure that we must dare to undertake; a tragedy that requires to be faced courageously; a destiny that we have to accept; a mystery that we need to unravel, a challenge that we must meet; a dream that needs to be realized, and a beauty that deserves our admiration.
Composed November 2003