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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Bizarre Rules

A few days back I went to Lahore. As I entered the Motorway, I saw the traffic coming from the other side with headlights on. It was quite surprising because the time was 11 in the morning and the weather was also lear with sun shining brighly. I could not understand why it was so. I stopped at Sukheki to enquire about it. I was told that due to the foggy weather in the recent days, the authorities had implemented the rule that even in day time, headlights of the vehicles should be on.
Now the foggy weather has come to an end but still no orders have been given to annul this rule, as a result everyone has to travel with the headlights on even in day time, because otherwiase they would be fined for breking the law. I wonder what a foreigner would take impression of such a bizarre sight.

Readers Column, The Nation February 13, 2002.