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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Cricket Commentry

This is with reference to Mr. Enaam E. Hanid's letter of above caption (May 14). He said, "I wonder why we are shy to air commentry inour national language Urdu so that everyone could understand and to enjoy or is there any dearth of Urdu commentators?"
The problem is that the Urdu as well as English commentators of Paksitan do not know the art of commentay, in my opinion people do not like that sort of commentary. Firstly there is no talented Urdu commentator who may provide entertainment through his commentay; secondly Pakistan even does not have any talented English commentator excpet Rameez Raja who is also seen in the commtentary box in the international matches.
So in my view, there should be English commentary of foreign commentators in cricket as well as in the hockey matches. So if if Mr. Enaam really wants to enjoy Urdu commentary, he should watch Kabbadi matches.

Readers Column, The Nation May 2002.