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Sunday, July 10, 2005

My College

I was travelling in a distant land
A fragrance changed my course,
A restlessness of the soul prevailed over me
And I set out to look for this rose.
When I reached the spot, I found it was you:
My alma mater, my beloved FC College.
You gave me the identity of 'Formanite';
While I was just like a grain of sand.
Taught us: 'By love serve one another',
Thus we stand with hand in hand.
Since founded by Charles Forman;
You have served several generations.
Sinclair Hall and Ewing Library are your jewels,
And grand are your traditions.
You have enriched my very being,
Where you dwell like evergreen spring.
You have enlivened my soul like that tender air
Which brings the news of coming spring
To leaves made dry by the autumn wind.
You have given me something of great value:
Confidence, courage and fortitude;
But it's a pity I can't pay you in return,
So please accept when I shall leave,
The tears that I would shed
As a token of gratitude.

Composed February 2004.