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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Let them play

WITH the election 2007 in the offing, a lot is being said about it. Keeping in view the well-known Referendum conducted by General Musharraf in the past and his self-proclaimed 98% turn out, one sees no reason why Nawaz and BB should be repudiated from contesting the election.
With General Musharaf as President and Nawaz and BB as PMs twice in the past, the nation is well aware of the capabilities of each of them and allowing Nawaz and BB to contest the election would be a healthy competition. Whereas allowing either Nawaz or BB and rejecting the other would be injustice, I see Musharraf’s contesting in their absence as a sole wrestler in the ring punching the air and pronouncing himself victorious at the end of the day. Since Musharraf declares himself an upholder of democracy, it is time he translates his words into action. An election where Nawaz and BB are allowed to contest, it would be remarkable if Musharraf’s team wins cum laude.
The Nation; (EDITED) November 24, 2006