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Saturday, December 16, 2006

40 Siapras?

The news is that our Federal Minister for Education has revealed it to the ignorant public that there are 40 Spiaras in the Holy Quran. Whereas a lot of people criticize it, I see the learned minister as a soldier on a crusade against dogmatism. Possibly the learned minister has read the essay ‘Philosophy for Laymen’, where Bertrand Russell says, ‘Dogmatism is an enemy to peace, and an insuperable barrier to democracy.’ Unfortunately, this is the wrong way to follow Russell’s philosophy. If the learned minister had put it to the touchstone of just a little reading he would have found that the Holy Quran contains 30 Siparas. This is the Minister for Education of an Islamic country. What a shame!


m.farid.masood@gmail.com said...

really a shameful speech.