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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Time to quit

He said, he said!
A few days back General Musharraf appeared in a programme on a private TV channel. In answer to a question he said that he would quit when he feels that the people of Pakistan no longer want him. If we compare the country’s situation with the predicament of 1998, we are much worse off.
The law and order situation has never been worse. Crimes and especially street crimes have increased manifolds. The law enforcing departments have failed in their duties and the nation no longer feels safe in its houses.
Musharraf’s government boasts of success in the economic sector, but the daily shortage and rampant, indeed runaway, inflation tells another story. In particular, the prices f vegetables, and other items of kitchen consumption, have more than doubled.
This is an agricultural country for heaven’s sake. The government has failed to provide health care, education, civic facilities, even something as essential as the drinking water. The whole infrastructure is in shambles. The citizens of Pakistan seem united in saying, General Sir, it is time to quit.
The Nation; December 16, 2006