Thursday, June 28, 2007

Of Wolves and Sheep

There is one thing I like about the power hungry rulers of the past that in wars they led their armies from front most of the time and when they didn’t lead the troops themselves, they kept a close observation of the vanguards. When I compare those rulers to our Man in Uniform, I regret the fortune of all of us. How strange that our Man in Uniform and the Saviour of the Nation never had an active participation in war, never killed nor captured an enemy and still he considers himself so important that he decides not to quit. One mistake after the other but nothing convinces him of his incompetence. When a shepherd shakes hands with the wolves, God help the flock. The NATO forces have been operating in Pakistan in collaboration with our army, killing the innocent in the name of war against terrorism. Quite shamelessly, our government has been taking responsibility of the attacks. Sometimes, money speaks it all. People have been dying with every swing of the pendulum in this country for the last few years. I wonder what we shall give to the future generation; a war trodden country? Let’s hope the tyranny wins an end before that happens.

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