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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Operation Silence

The Lal Masid operation finally concluded with the death of insurgents. It can, without a doubt, be declared as one of the most shocking incidents in the history of Pakistan. It is such a pity what the Lal Masjid insurgents did on the name of Islam. The government, on the other hand, once again proved its incompetence. Amazing that the judges of the Supreme Court be spied but the accumulation of arms in the Capital should go unnoticed like that. What makes the Lal Masjid operation doubtful is the fact that curfew has still not been done away with even at the completion of the operation. The Lal Masjid incident is enough for us to realize that our nation needs a complete over hauling and for that we need an expert mechanic. Our people need to be educated in the right way, especially about Islam. Keeping a beard but planting bomb on the barber’s shop_ this is not Islam. Islam is a complete religion and it needs to be practiced the way it is required to be done. The Lal Masjid incident was an eye opener for us, if don’t learn anything from it, God help us.
Post Contributed at The Pakistani Spectator


Anonymous said...

i foun your blog trouth a place called bikepics i don interested in politics but a don think that killing people is in no way solution to problems i live to far from you but this kind of things afect more people than one can think i send mi condolecens for all of you