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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Loving Pakistan

WE have been through numerous ups and downs ever since we won our freedom. The misfortune that our country is going through today is our own creation, directly or indirectly we are responsible for it. But if only one person starts doing one constructive thing for this country, it will soon be heaven.
This country has given us an identity and if we lose this identity we are just like a bubble flying on the gushing water. We have been through tough times in the past and we managed to get through them and today when the whole nation is caught in the shackles of dictatorship there is still hope left for us. We are nothing without this country, for this is our future. The seeds of time will grow into a bright future for us, Insha Allah. I’d end with quoting a couplet of William Cowper, a British poet:

"England, with all thy faults, I love thee still,
My country!"


Malaika said...

nice place...i love historic places! thanks for sharing! :)

Hammad said...

HMM Good attempt!
BUT it seems to be an ad. of Honda-125 rather then adventurous journey.......