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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Adieu Benzair

Just in..

Benazir has been killed after a bomb explosion in her procession. Naheed Khan and Sherry Rehman are injured. Reportedly, Benazir was shot fired in the neck and dies on her way to hospital. Also, unconfirmed reports are that shots were also fired on Nawaz's procession. After the unfortunate incidents, violence has erupted across the country. May Allah help us.
Are we heading for a civil war? Can we expect of having a democratic government running the country in such-like situation? Shouldn't our sucker president resign? Why is it that incidents like this don't happen in the processions of Pervez Elahi? Who is after all this?
This event leaves us with these and many other questions, but who will answer them?
In a country where the government has threats from Judiciary, Media and Lawyers such unfortunate incidents are just another day.
This is high time when the current man in uniform i.e., General Kyani should act before it is further too late.


Anonymous said...

general kyani to take step?? and bear another uniform for next 8 yrs??not a good solution

Asad Butt said...

General Kiyani should step in? I really don't agree. That will be replacing a naked vulture with a clothed one. It's not Musharraf alone responsible for this yet-another-untoward-incident, it's the military mentality which makes army think civilians are some goddam foolish apes always in need of army's condescending support to run their everyday affairs. Ridding ourselves of Musharraf will be renting this country another decade ( half-renting I'd say, because army will still be calling the shots behind the curtains ).

The worst thing in our country is that not even those who killed Benazir did it out of total criminality. They are perhaps just as innocent as Benazir's followers. See videos of Jamia Hafsa students and you'll have to be a bigoted liberal to say they are hypocrites or criminals - they are not! They are just responding to the factors the rest of the society has outgrown or thinks it's not pragmatic to have anymore. Terrorism, for gods sake is not a phenomena.... it's a whole generation that has grown beside us, facing influences different from not-so-terrorists.

What has really gone wrong in our country is the nonsensicality of stick-to-power-come-what-may approach of our Military rulers, who created this whole generation of "others", that are at war with us now.

Military in Pakistan, therefore, should be punished not as a murderer of Benazir, but as an architect of the situation that killed her. Taliban, or the terrorists are fighting for the ideals they hold dear just as we fight for ideals we hold dear. Worse still, they are just as innocent as we are!