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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Army, Politics and the Future of Pakistan

You don’t have to be a man of extraordinary prudence to realize what our country is going through. Even a common man would tell you the reasons for the chaos that this country has fell a victim to. That how a nation responds in the time of crisis measures their rise and fall. You can either see and forget or see and react. If you choose forgetting your story might soon be history, but if you choose to stand firm and fight the situation with diligence and fortitude then even the future generations would appreciate it.
Ever since I remember, our country has been subject to one problem after the other but despite all these hardships we have been able to make our way to this time in history. If I am not being too much anti-Musharraf, I would take the liberty to say that government under Musharraf has been best at landing the country from one disaster to another. If anything was left, was done by the politicians. Ever since our freedom the army and politicians have done us more harm than could another country ever do us. Our masses are illiterate idiots and have let themselves be fooled by the two giants. There is no dearth of men of quality and leadership in our country but they are in the background and the stage has always been occupied by the un-pragmatic dullards.

As far the question about responding to the critical situation is concerned, the nation has done that to some extent be it in the form of the combined struggle of lawyers, journalists and media or the meek voices of the poor that were destined to go unheard as has always been the case. Whereas the ‘mission’ for the PML-N leadership should have been to go after the core issue i.e., seeking Musharraf’s resignation (which should be called eradicating the evil from the roots) they rather chose to go after a much difficult task that of the restoration of judiciary, which of course, is next to impossible in Musharraf’s presence. PML-N has played its cards well and soon the government under PPP might find itself in an awkward situation. Regardless if how long the political games continue hope prevails, it always has. It is better to strive and hope for the better rather than curse the doom and do nothing. I see a sort of revolution in the offing, no not the bloodshed but a peaceful revolution that might eventually lead the people of this country out of the vicious cycle that has continued for long. There is a limit to everything.