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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Enemy Within

With an ally and a friend like the USA there for us we don’t need no enemies. But one might question if it is solely the USA that should be held responsible for our predicament. Today, many blame late Liaquat Ali Khan’ tying the friendship knot with the USA and refusing Russia’s offer that was also prior in time to that of the USA. The questions is, would we be in a better position today had Liaquat Ali Khan made friends with Russia instead of the USA when the opportunity was there? I highly doubt that.
No one can blame the faults of his own. Our country is our own responsibility. No doubt, the peace situation has suffered turmoil at the international level but what to speak of a nation at war with its own people at the pretext of eradicating terrorism chanting the slogan of ‘Pakistan First.’ No one has harmed us more than our own leaders over the years_ Mir Jafirs and Mir Sadiqs within. And just as our so-called friend watches us with delight as we are trapped in the eye of the storm swinging in the whirlpool of misery, I wonder how much we have striven for our own safeguard.