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Friday, June 13, 2008

Waiting for Godot

It is good to be busy, for when you are free you, sometimes, tend to get lost in thoughts and the same has happened as I am writing these lines now. Life brings strange moments. A vague instant thought took me back to the year 2004, it is the drama class as we are reading “Waiting for Godot”. I hate this drama, makes no sense, such a waste of time, what does it signify? Ironically, today, some four years later the same drama seems such a masterpiece to and which it truly is. It took me so much time to understand it! I still remember that drama and some lines from it. ‘Nothing ever changes’ seems such a mighty line to me today, echoing what my own life and also that of others has become. I keep thinking and the useless arguments of the tramps recur in my mind till I tend to say, ‘That passed some time’ as I come back to the real world, the present day. Life in the void. That passed some time.