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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Clever Crow

It was a hot summer day, a very hot summer day. A crow left the forest for the city in the morning looking for food. Times had changed a lot but where the kids had ‘learnt to shoot without missing, the clever crow had learnt to fly without perching.’ But it was one tough day and after the day’s long search our clever crow could only find a stale piece of bread. To make the situation even worse our poor crow was extremely thirsty by the evening and was now flying in quest of water. Lucky for him to spot a pitcher with some water in it. Unfortunately, however, the level of water in it was too low and our crow’s beak could not reach it. Suddenly, our brilliant crow hit upon an idea and started collecting pebbles. With the beak wide open, dying with thirst and breathing hard out clever crow started throwing the pebbles in the pitcher one by one. Soon the water level had risen enough for our crow to drink it. Tough day, just as our crow was about to drink water the pitcher broke with a bang injuring one of the crow’s feather with water spilled on the ground. A kid had fired a pellet at him from behind a window. Tough day. The moral of the story is that if you are capable of coping with a situation aptly, it doesn’t mean that you can deal with any situation with equal brilliance. While your genius may lead you out of a trouble unknowingly you might be putting yourself into a greater trouble. But that’s the way of life and it sometimes tests you.


chutzpah said...
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chutzpah said...

I guess the prankster must be you. Your ending of the traditional story is modern rather postmodern. I would have enjoyed more if you had not drawn the moral lesson.