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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hush the Barking Dog

‘Barking dogs seldom bite’, but seldom they do bite. A sane person would never suggest taking a risk, so better take precautionary measures while you come across a barking dog.
History speaks of the plight that the allies and friends of the US of A have met. The USA has been directly and indirectly forwarding threats of attacking our homeland_ attacking an ally in the war against terrorism. The USA has made its intentions pretty clear. That they have the same policy on cards for Pakistan as is for Afghanistan should serve as an eye opener and make us realize where we stand. Our previous governments were subdued to the pressure exerted by the USA government and in utter allegiance gave it the status of the sacred cow. If standing tall against the USA was never advisable then where do we stand now having rendered all the services? Or, again, would it make a difference if we kept on cooperating with them and would it ensure peace, stability and respect for our nation?
General Kyani has finally broken the ice and has made it clear that no foreign aggression would be allowed within the Pakistani territory. If Kyani be resolute in his stance, the government would be left with the choice of either siding with the army or the old friend. I would leave it for the readers to make their own perception of this situation but I hold the view that it is always better to die with honour than live in utter disgrace, that it is better to die once than dying every other day. In the words of great Tipu Sultan, ‘A lion’s life of one day is better than a jackal’s life of hundred days.’


Zealous said...

I don't think that it will be possible to stand against such that kind of enemy to fight. Although we are not in favor of them but the problem is that we are not from those who want to live the life like a lion, but we are from Jackal's. In fact only the solution is that the new government should have to adapt some good strategies.

Muhammad Asim said...

We are a nation that has even let dumb dogs bite let alone the barking ones. What USA would do is to be seen but if we can accept the thief of yesterday to be the president of today then USA invasion would be not a bigger pill to swallow.

Our nation remains in the "time eases all" adage - they first cry for the injustice then make noise and then finally keep quiet to forget everything. I see the only solution to Pakitan is the repeat of French Revoliution - let Guillotine play its music on all the fucking polititians.