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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fuel Prices

IT is amazing how our government responds to certain situations. Going back a few months when the issue of restoration of Chief Justice was still in dispute, the government was discarding all possibilities of restoration of Chief Justice. Ironically, however, the government officials changed their statements after CJ’s reinstatement saying that government itself was considering to restore the deposed judges. A similar incident can be witnessed in the recent past as well.
Ever since his restoration, Chief Justice has taken steps to ring relief to the common lot, his appointing Justice Bhagwan Das as commission to prepare a report on petrol prices was in line with such steps. When the commission submitted its report and recommended a considerable cut in fuel prices, concerned government officials came forward with the statement that government itself was considering a cut in fuel prices by the end of the month. The sad and rather shameful aspect, however, is that the fuel prices have not been decreased to the recommended extent but only by Rs.1.44. What is even more shameful and requires action from the Chief Justice is the attitude adopted by the petrol pump owners on occasions when fuel prices are likely to reduce. They create fake shortage of fuel and charge even higher prices per liter and their atrocities always go unchecked. Such opportunists should be dealt with the iron hand and brought to justice.


chutzpah said...

This is a sufficient example to see through government's ostensible commitment to peoples' welfare and its 'genuine'regard to the apex court. See how state organs are helping the chief Justice in delivering justice. Shame!!!