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Thursday, October 29, 2009


IT is this country we live in. It is unfortunate for our hapless nation to have a ruling class which is without a conscience, indifferent to the pain that the masses are going through. When the masses were shedding tears over the Peshawar massacre, our leaders were busy welcoming Hillary with smiling faces. No matter with what ideals the USA arranged for Hillary's visit, I don't see any positive change in the peace situation in our country as its aftermath. To fight terrorism we need much more than just arsenal and foreign aid be it in any form. Above all we need to realize our responsibilities. A sleeping conscience will never come to know the feeling of pain and would show an indifferent attitude just like our leaders gave example of recently. Answering questions at a meeting she said, ‘This is not your fight alone... You're standing on the frontlines of this battle but we are standing with you.’ Thats wrong lady, the front line comprises only our people, our common lot, our innocent people. 9/11 rocked your nation but the after shocks have put our system into shambles. The unfortunate aspect however is that whereas the 9/11 incident had the Americans up on their toes, we still have not done enough despite going through several tragedies far greater than that one. Unless we act as required we shall not be able to get rid of the sphynx killing the innocent.