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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Facebook Banned

Facebook has finally been banned in Pakistan, a step that I really appreciate a lot. It is such a shame to what extent the so-called educated societies of the developed world would fall on the pretext of freedom of thought and expression, and hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims. They have done this before and this time facebook did the damage. I uphold the government's action of banning facebook. To hell with facebook, when its over I am going to delete my facebook account once and for all. What will you do?


Talha said...

Totally nonsense... I agree with this, People here in Pakistan use explicit language and their accounts get blocked by Facebook but no action was taken now... Why??
Even those pages were reported but again no action. What service they provide... Just say no to facebook.

Ifrah said...

You are 100% correct and i think it should be banned forever not only in Pakistan but also in whole Muslim community.

Muhammad Asif said...

I am 100% agreed that facebook should be banned for ever in all muslim world.