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Friday, June 18, 2010

Students of EME Design Pakistan’s First Hybrid Car

Who knows, maybe the energy crisis in Pakistan will soon be history. Pak Wheelers, a team of young enthusiasts from NUST have manufactured Pakistan's first ever Hybrid car which they will showcase in Eco-Shell Marathon to be held in July 2010 in Malaysia.

It has been told that the group was laughed at initially when they started with the project, a very common trait of our society, but now the nation is all applause for the marvel they have done. The car can cover 700km in just one liter of fuel. At present, it can carry only the driver, improvements have been made with the sponsorship of Telenor Pakistan. Had this feat been done by the students of some other country, arrangements would already have been made to bring the car into production for the public use but TIP, this is Pakistan so you never know if this brilliant attempt is sent into oblivion. 
Salient features of the car.

  • It features combining a combustion engine with an electric motor to increase its efficiency.
  • It harvests energy lost during breaking and reuses it for running.
  • It uses super capacitor banks to store energy.
  • The petrol engine produces a constant energy of 3.5 British horsepower and the remaining power comes from the super capacitor banks.
  • It uses a carbon-fibre body. 
“We want to be able to show a new face of Pakistan to the world, one that is considerably different than what the western media is showing,” he added, reciting the team mantra, “For some teams it’s a car, For some teams it’s a project For us, it’s an ideology An ideology to prove that Pakistan can be constructive.”

Way to go Pak Wheelers.
LINK to Pak Wheelers website.


Atta Karim said...

Thats Really Cool, Wish governament support such inventions...

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