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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Sialkot Lynch

THE electronic and print media, these days, is making hue and cry about the ruthless killing of two brothers in Sialkot who were beaten to death by the mob and their dead bodies hanged to the poles. The media reported the gruesome murder of two innocent brothers in the holy month of Ramzan, however, as always it remained unable to make a mention of the root cause that led to this tragic incident. Crime does not pay and every action has it reaction, an article in a newspaper mentioned how one of the brothers had killed one and injured three others on the previous evening, it also had other details of what caused this incident. The elder brother Moiz Butt 17, had an affair with some girl which infuriated her cousin Bilal, they had a fight which resulted in Bilal losing his life and leaving three others injured.

The timing when the beating of the brothers episode begins is noteworthy. Two brothers, one of whom is armed with a pistol, at Sehri time before break of the dawn in the vicinity where the girl lived are spotted by someone who knows the whole episode of Bilal's murder and the reason that caused this murder. The shouts of 'robbers' gathers others and what happens then is what we all know.

The death that the two boys met was their destiny, what the people did was mob mentality and they way they died is justified in the eyes of the law of the street. We have had similar incidents in Karachi in the past where people burnt the dacoits alive. Street crimes are increasing in our country every day and the culprits go unpunished, the criminal trial takes too long to complete and the judgement is so often unexpected. It is the flaw in out system of law which has given rise to killing the heinous offenders in fake encounters by the police, since we all know that confidence inspiring evidence in such cases is hardly ever available. It is obvious that the people who killed these two brothers were well aware of Bilal's murder and all that so their act was quite natural, for emotions know no sanity.

No matter whether the killing of the two Sialkot brothers was justified or not, I am afraid that this incident may introduce a new way of exercising vengeance, and whatever there may be, nothing justifies the indifference that the police officials showed who were present there when the mob was busy in the execution of the brothers. And when it comes to this, I uphold the mass protests that have started across the country.


chutzpah said...

As a lawyer, you should question what a newspaper report says and not be trapped. I think that we should hold on our sentiments till the judicial inquiry is brought to the scene.

Sniper said...

I would have questioned it certainly had I not seen the interview of the boys' father who said, "They might have done something wrong but this was not the right punishment."

People lose their temper too soon in this country now and there are sins that call for others' wrath too soon. For some reason, the details made me believe the story, lets hear what the inquiry says.


Anonymous said...

I must digg your article so other people are able to see it, very useful, I had a tough time finding the results searching on the web, thanks.

- Norman