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Monday, July 25, 2011

Don Hasan

Don Hasan, the notorious car lifter also known as Major Muhammad Hasan from behind the bars has volunteered to give names of those who are involved in the crime of stealing cars. According to him several big names from among the Police department and politicians are also involved in it. Tough times for the Don, I even reckon that his life is in danger as well, now that he has mentioned about revealing the names of the big guns involved in the crime. Crimes involving theft of vehicles have become rampant in our society for past some time and to add insult to injury the vehicle is rarely recovered even if a gang is apprehended. I have seen anti car lifting police stations where numerous stolen cars are available but no serious effort is done by the concerned authorities to trace their owners.
A big number of stolen cars are transported to tribal areas while others are sold part by part, hence no sign is left of them. Whereas it is necessary to curb such crimes, it is equally important that the big guns involved in such crimes operating from behind the curtains be also revealed and brought to justice. The loss of a stolen vehicle can truly be understood by one whose hard earned money vanishes just like that, though for our man on top it might only be like a coin that slipped out of your hand.