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Monday, September 02, 2013

That Celebrity Feeling

It was quite an experience then. Weekend World team of PTV World approached our bikers club (Pakistan Bikers Club) and invited to come to their show recording. Myself and Malik Muhammad Zahid our club president attended the show. We were not given any details as to what the show was about or why we being asked to attend it. My guess was that they had invited some highway and traffic police authorities to the show and they invited us so we could ask them questions. Hardly 20 minutes to the show and they tell us that the program host Huma Amir Shah would be asking "us" questions about motorcycling, our club activities and the like. That's even better, thought we. It was a  great experience. My bike, Suzuki GS500E was also there on the stage, which is something even more special for me. Unfortunate that the PTV World channel is not available locally as it is international channel and broadcast abroad, however thanks to the online transmission we could watch it there. Had told several friends about the recording and soon afterwards I was receiving messages on my mobile congratulating me, telling that we had shared some useful information back there. For a moment, I certainly had that celebrity feeling.