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Friday, November 15, 2013

Another Feather in the Cap


EFFORTS do not always give the desired results in the spur of a moment especially when you are sailing against the flow, abracadabra does not work here; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. At Pakistan Bikers Club we have always been striving hard to promote the safe, rather sane riding habits. We have hundreds of thousands of hooligans out on the roads to whom safety means nothing, it is this attitude that needs to be changed and there always is a great hope unless it has become a person’s instinct to violate the traffic laws and believe you me some mothers do have them.
How would you define a biker? One who rides a bike, of course; but just sitting on the bike, putting it into gear and going off is not all that it is about. Neglecting the safety measure, the helmet at least, means you are not serious about riding the bike at all. It will take one moment of bad luck to have you involved in an accident that may see you on the bed with serious injuries and broken bones; it may cripple you for life or make you see the eternal life in the worst case. In Pakistan, we have lots of bikers club enjoying their passion through travelling to far off places, weekend get-together or monthly short trips yet so many of these riders are alien to what a real biker means so at Pakistan Bikers Club we have been spending lot of time to make a biker realize his true identity and we do not let go any opportunity to spread our word to the common riders and our stall at the ACTEPR Expo at the Lahore Expo Center on 24th and 25th of August, 2013 was another of such activities. The stall with a display of variety of big and small bikes remained center of attraction for all ages where many forwarded words of appreciation for promoting the motorcycle safety gear.
Hard work never goes unnoticed and PBC is no exception. Some officials of the PTV World were so impressed by our efforts that they invited us to participate in their program Weekend World and thus gave us the opportunity to spread our word. Unfortunate, that time was short and only I and Malik Muhammad Zahid, president of the club were available to go for the recording. The program was broadcast on PTV World at 8:00 pm on September 01, 2013. Soon afterward we started receiving messages congratulating us, appreciating the valuable information we had shared back there. Not that all minds think alike; our efforts of promoting safe riding habits also get criticism from some blocks which mostly comes out as a show of jealousy and which we always neglect with a roar of laughter. Every single human life counts, if our life long efforts can save just one life by adopting the safe riding habits and use of safety gear, our efforts are fully rewarded.