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Sunday, September 28, 2014

India on the Red Planet

INDIA won the Asian race to the red planet spending a budget of $74 million, thus joining the Space Club. Statistically, per capita budget against the total reveals that the trip to Mars only cost $0.60 to each Indian citizen and which is roughly Rs.60 of our currency. Interestingly, even Hollywood's recent flick Gravity cost more than that. There are roughly 400 million people in India living below the poverty line and it is being debated that this amount should have been spent on them instead, there never would be critics voicing same arguments. While Pakistan despite being an Asian country was never in the space race with India or any other country yet we found a good opportunity to compare India’s $74 million budget for the Mars mission covering 420 million mile journey versus the $29.8 billion budget of the Punjab government for the Shahdra-Gajju Matta Metro Bus Service with a journey of 45km, but that's all politics-the dirty game. Needless to comment upon how fruitful the Metro Bus project is or will remain so for how many years; obviously this money could have been spent wisely for a similar project had the planner been a man of vision. I congratulate the Indian government for such a remarkable accomplishment when at home we are still fighting for our basic rights hoping to get a truly democratic government of the people, by the people, for the people while "His Highness" Nawaz Sharif makes a speech at the UN summit that hardly finds a single impresses soul from among the audience.