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Sunday, July 10, 2005

M.A. English Result

This is with reference to the news item that appeared in your esteemed daily (April 10). I would like to further clarify as to what is the main reason behind such a bad result showed by most of the governmet colleges. It is a fact that MA English result has always been tight, obtaining first division is out of question. In the previous years, majority of students would pass in third division and some few in second division. What PU did last year caused a havoc. It changed the whole criteria: introduced semester system for its own students while other government colleges were to follow the same annual system. The result was that some of PU students passed the first semester even in first division.
The reason that university started semester system in its campus was simply to avoid the shame that it had been facing in the past. Previous MA English results show that university showed a bad result as compared to other colleges. Thus introduction of semester system did the remedy.
Another reason for the bad result is the new sourse. I do not understand why the course selectors go for literary works such as poetry of Sylvia Plath and Jazz by Toni Morrision. University must realsie that that there are not too many teachers competent enough to understand and explain such works to the students.

Readers Column, The Nation April 18, 2004.