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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Osama's Arrest

This is with referance to the question that appeared in your esteemed daily's e-poll section (March 2004). The question, "Will Osama be caught in the ongoing operation?" seemed pretty ridiculous to me. It would have been better to ask, "Has Osama been caught?" As it appears to me, Osama is already under the custody of the US. His arrest would be brought to the limelight near the US presidential elections, an old trick to take the credit. The way Saddam came to the publkic gaze clearly revealed that he too had already been aught. Bush's visit to Iraq is a clue that leads to such a suspicion. Possibly, news of Osama's arrest would soon be in air and his photographs would be clear enogh to suggest the whole story.

Readers Column, The Nation March 15, 2004.