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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Praising Musharraf

This is with reference to the letter captioned 'Praising Musharraf by Mr. Saeed Tiwana'. I would like to tell the writer that he completely misunderstood my letter captioned 'Musharraf's Address'. In fact, I wrote that letter through through, what we call in literature, the ironic technique. An ironic statement suggests one thing and means another. I would request the fellow writer to read that letter once again. To put in plain words, General Musharrf's stance on the Kashmir issue at present clearly reveals how brave he is., and presents him, ,ore or less, as a yielding army officer.
With reference to Mr. Talat Mehmud's letter, my message for the writer is that to enunciate something in plain words does not mean denegration of someone. We all know the reality, though some do not have the courage to state it.

Readers Column, The Nation February 8, 2004.