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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Motorway Police

Apropose of Ms. Sadia Abid's letter (October 10). Ms. Sadia has praised the performance of the Motorway Police. But as a matter of fact, the performance of Motorway Police is not flawless. A few days back I was returning from Lahore on a bus. The driver exceeded the speed limit specified for the HTVs. The cops on on duty signalled the driver to stop the bus. But instead of following their instruction, the bus driver pointed at the name of the of the company written undre the windscreen. The cops didn't object to it and the bus was not interrupted anywhere else.
From this experience I concluded hat corruption had taken roots in this sector too. It is high time the authorities look into the matter and nip the evil in the bud, otherwise it may be too late.

Readers Column, The Nation October 23, 2004.