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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Unsuitable Programme

On September 4, Geo TV, in the memory of late Hassam Qazi, arranged a musical show 'Yaadain Mitti Nahi.' I wonder if it was a proper way to pay homage to the great actor. The kind of programme that Geo presented only resulted in hurting the feelings of his fans. I wonder what would be the feelings of the bereaved family if they had seen the programme.
Fund raising or whatever was the cause of the programme, it could have been arranged in a more cultured way. In my view, a more appropriate programme would have been with clippings from his famous dramas. Actors and close friends of the late actor could have been invited to share their memories of Hassam Qazi. Now when Ashfaq Ahmed, the great legend, has passed away, I wish Geo or any other channel does not repeat this mistake.

Readers Column, The Nation September 2004.