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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Poor Show

A few days back I was going to Lahore. I entered the Motorway from Pindi Bhattian interchange. The fuel in my car was enought to reach Sukheki, I decided to fill the petrol tank from a Shell petrol pump, but to my surprise I was told that the light was out and when I asked whether there was any generator, the sales man of the petrol pump told that they had got the generators which had not been installed and were placed in a separate room. Now it meant that I would have to wait for the light. On further confirmation the sales man of the petrol pump told me that the light was out since 12 o' clock and at the time it was 4:15 pm. He also told that Shell authorities had not paid the electricity bills to the Daewoo company, as a result of which they had turned off its electricity.
I wonder what is going on between Daewoo and Shell authorities, and why the government is not taking any notice of it. I request the government to take a notice of it immediately.

Readers Column, The Nation September 2001.