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Sunday, June 18, 2006

There is no law..

Way back in time when the progressed world of today was setting off on it's journey toward development, they decided to take concrete steps for regulating discipline in the society, for discipline is the basic prerequisite toward better future. Law and order is of primary imprtance in all respects, in its absence the world would be in topsy-turvy. When the West was on the verge of making progress, they decided to formulate laws in a way so the people automatically adopt themselves according to the rulgulations. They noticed that a road is the only place where everyone would get at lease once in day. So they formalated laws of the road. Strict laws, so the people would adopt themselves to it and would abide by law in their general life too. It worked. This is the reason we see hundreds and thousands of cars, and all of them well disciplined.
Now we come to Pakistan. There is no law, leave the roads aside. A road is a place where you'll witness the worst kind of violation of law. People would stop in the middle of the road without caring for the traffic behind. No one stops or slows down on the yellow light, everyone would start moving on the yellow light, the result is accidents. The traffic would be worst and noisy around the hospitals and schools and cops would rarely be visible on such places, hence the traffic jam. You'll get punished when you have done no offence and you'll escape easily when the offence has actually been committed (pay them a little, of course). Costly cars wont be stopped for any violation, so if you can't get one, better stay at home or be ready to pay something to the cops. When this is the condition of law enforcement on the road, imagine the general life!