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Monday, July 10, 2006

PIA Crash

IT was heart-rending to know about the PIA Fokker crash near Multan airport. This is not the first time that PIA’s Fokker crashed; rather it was the third time when a PIA Fokker crashed killing everyone on-board. The question remains, why PIA hasn’t grounded the old aircrafts like Fokker driven by old and unreliable engines? What makes the situation even worse is that time and again PIA keeps on increasing the fares without improving their fleet or services. Why is it that the Fokkers have not been grounded even when their time has long been expired? According to the statement of a passenger who travelled on the same aircraft from Lahore to Multan on the same day, the aircraft had some problems with it and its air conditioner had stopped functioning. Clarification by the PIA authorities on this issue is a lame excuse. They didn’t bother to check the aircraft completely and only after an interval of one hour it was heading back to Lahore, which resulted in massacre. It was not just the death of 45 passengers; it was the death of 45 minds that robbed the nation of its assets. It is requested that the negligent be brought to justice.