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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ali Baba 40 Chor

Once upon a time there lived a merchant with his family. God bestowed them with a son and they named him Ali. Ali was a brilliant kid and did well in studies; it was evident that he would do great in life. Time passed by, and it so happened that he won his people a precious piece of land. His dedication to his people had proved that he was an altruistic persona and a true leader. Hard work told upon his health and left hundreds of thousands sobbing, some of whom have their eyes still wet with tears and some of whom are still weeping not for Ali’s death but for the misfortune that befell his people and the land of theirs. After Ali’s death, no one cared for the piece of land that Ali had won and now it is in shambles. The thieves and the opportunists did their best to plunder the people and soon they were robbed of almost all they had. The common lot was uneducated and simple and there were just too many opportunists who took the form of dictators and the result was havoc.
Time has given us a chance to undo the wrongs that have already been done. It is up to us to choose the Captain of our ship. We are the architects of our own fortune and the creators of our own misery; it is for us now to rectify our previous mistakes and set the sails in the right direction. Storms in the seas are just another day, and to reach the shore we need to elect the studious sailor. The Election 2008 is here, please vote for the right person as it is your utmost duty to the country and its citizens.

Contributed at The Pakistani Spectator


Anonymous said...

Nice story, and I totally agree. But I must say about these elections that I don't think these elections would be fair.
Coming over to select the right person to vote I simply disagree because there is no single candidate who deserve to be on the leader's position.
But we have to select the leaders from these candidates because "Jiase kom waise hokmaran".

Anonymous said...

This story is good to hear and may have a good impact on little boys who are just ready to start their mature life but after so many shocks we had in the course of our journey to this stage.......... its just look like "ELECTION COMMISSION OR GOVERNMANT COMAPIGHN" and not more than that.